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Unusual Presentations and Rare cases

Here are a list of unusual cases we dealt with. More will be adeed soon

Case 1: 21 years old student: Early and prompt detection of Myocardial infarct (Heart attack) -Life saved.

Case 2: 23 years old student: Anti Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome with incidence 1 in 55,000 cases was detected, treated appropriately and complications prevented.

Case 3: Acute Charcots Disease in a Diabetic, treated immediately and complication prevented.

Case 4: A case of 22 weeks Fibroid with Menorrhagia with Cerebral Venous Thrombosis – Life Saved.

Case 5: A case of Myocardia Infract with unusual presentation – Life saved.

Case 6: A student was diagnosed to be a case of Sickle Cell Anaemia.

Case 7: A case of Ectopic Pregnancy in a student was detected and managed appropriately – Life saved.

Case 8: A case of Undescended testis and Right Orchipexy surgery was performed in a student.

Case 9: A case if Prosthesis Infection-Knee was diagnosed and managed appropriately.

Case 10: A case of Impending Periorbital Cellulitis was diagnosed and treated appropriately.

Case 11: A case of Ureteric calculli with stenosis – JJ Stenting done in a student.

Case 12: Left Hemiparesis due to Right Middle Cerebral Artery Territory Infract in a student.

Case 13: MTP with sterilization with Medical Complication of Dengue Fever and UTI (ESBL).

Case 14: A case of Open Pulmonary Tuberculosis with UTI (ESBL).

Case 15: A student and a case of Open Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Plural Effusion.

Case 16: A case if Atrinal Fibrillation Cardiac Emergency was treated appropriately.

Case 17: A case if Supra Ventricular Tachycardia – Cardiac emergency was treated appropriately.

Case 18: Infectious Mononucleosis rare of PUO disagnosed and treated approximately on a student

Case 19: Scrub Typhus another rare cause of PUO disagnosed and treated approximately on a student

Case 20: Myltiple Mayolama, was diagnosed and treated well on a tudent.

Case 21: Prostatic Cancer diagnosed and treated appropriately onĀ  student.

Cse 22: Epstein Bar Virus infection in a dependent.